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November 12, 2015 :: Schenectady Recognized for Fighting Homelessness Among Veterans

It has been a very exciting week for Schenectady in the news! Just in time for Veterans’ Day, it was announced that the city has … Continue reading

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November 10, 2015 :: The Low Beat Presents The Homelessness & Hunger Outreach Program

We hope everyone will support the Homelessness & Hunger Outreach Show at Albany’s Low Beat bar on November 13th at 5PM. Several talented acts will … Continue reading

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October 28, 2015 :: Vanessa Carlton Benefit Concert Offers “Help for the Homeless.”

Singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton, creator of the smash hit song “One Thousand Miles” will be performing at the Troy Saving Bank Music Hall on December 3 … Continue reading

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“Bethesda House is the definition of hope; the word hope defined for each individual wherever they are on their life’s journey. Bethesda House is not just a place for physical rest; it’s a place of rest for their souls. They still have struggles, but they get a rest here at Bethesda House.”

Victor , staff member

“I am so grateful to be here. I really appreciate everything about being here.”

A.C. Linton High graduate; Air Force Veteran; homeless for 20 years before moving into an apartment at Bethesda House in January, 2010

“This is a place where people don’t have to worry. It must be very frightening on the street – they can come in here and get a break from that anxiety for a brief time.”

Genevieve , 22 year old St. Joseph Worker Intern after her first day of work at Bethesda House

“Its home. It’s better than being on the street. I like it here. There’s always someone to lift your spirits no matter what you’re going through. The staff must have hearts of gold to deal with all of us every day.”

Mary , 52 years old; formerly homeless; living in one of the apartments in Bethesda House’s new building. She recently had her wedding and reception at Bethesda House.

“I have a chance to give back; being kind and helpful to one another enhances our humanity. We help so many people from those who are homeless to those who have lost everything in a fire.”

Ellen , G.E. retiree; volunteers 32 hours per week at Bethesda House

“Bethesda House changed my life. People here are fantastic – they don’t judge you for your past mistakes. Even at the lowest point in your life, you can walk into Bethesda House and be greeted with a smile and acceptance. I’m grateful for the opportunity to prove myself.”

Loretta H. , formerly homeless;
now on staff at Bethesda House

“It had been quite a while since I had participated in a community event such as this one. Wow, was I surprised! For me it was pure joy to do some good in this broken, too often tumultuous world. I heard myself saying to a fellow volunteer ‘This is better than Christmas!’ It would have been so easy to come up with excuses for why I couldn’t help out that day. I am so grateful I didn’t!”

Bethesda House volunteer from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

“Bethesda House helps people. I was down and out and Bethesda House picked me up. I was getting in trouble every day – I was one of Schenectady’s biggest problems but you guys woke me up. If it wasn’t for Bethesda House I would be in jail.”


“Bethesda House is truly a light, not only for its residents and guests, but also for its staff and volunteers. It is a home for girls like me to come and experience life, but also a space for people to feel safe. ” Maria, Dubuque Iowa 2013

Maria, Former Intern Summer 2013

“I know I can come here every day for a warm, safe place; to have a good meal and be respected.”

Jane Doe , 22 year old who suffered disfiguring facial injuries, resulting in an emotional downward spiral. She is seeking help to beat her addiction and leave the pimp who prostitutes her on our streets.

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