Our Stories

The stories presented here speak of circumstances, choices, and life cycles that resulted in homelessness and vulnerability. This is an opportunity to see life as it really is through the eyes of the chronically homeless; an opportunity to see the diversity in personalities and journeys of those who live outside of our narrow world.

How many of us have volunteered at homeless shelters without knowing a single name of someone who lives in that shelter? We feel good about our charitable work and can’t wait to go home to share the stories \ of those we met, provided a meal to, or offered other basic living services to that day.

The homeless and impoverished are real people with backgrounds full of inspiration and love, fear and demons. Looking through a different window we see life through the lens of poverty, suffering, hope, forgiveness, and success

Names have been changed to keep confidentiality but all the stories are real and raw.  These are the stories of those we serve here at Bethesda House, those who have come to call this safe haven home.

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